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Jessie Jane Duff

WRAP UP | East Coast Tour Compilation Video

WRAP UP | East Coast Tour Compilation Video

We also hope you’ll take a moment to watch — and then share — the video below. As you know, we just concluded the “We Can Do Better” Bus Tour, taking CVA’s message directly to veterans, their families and voters in swing states.  We made sure issues critical to veterans — like the national debt,(…)

Jessie Jane Duff on Voting for Active Duty

Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff USMC (Ret.), of Concerned Veterans for America, discussed the voting process for active duty military personnel serving in the U.S. and abroad. Topics included the difficulty of getting the absentee votes to military personnel, returning the votes back before the deadline, and ensuring the military personnel are aware that they are still eligible to vote.

Budget Cutters Renew Attack on Tricare Medical Insurance

There’s no question the explosion of federal spending over the last decade is completely unsustainable. What’s alarming is that the Obama administration thinks it’s appropriate to demand that veterans pay more for their care, while ignoring the much larger programs that are driving the growth in federal spending.