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Organizing Committee

Concerned Veterans for America is honored to have a distinguished committee of veterans and military family members who are united in a common interest and committed to preserving freedom and liberty.

In alphabetical order

Mr. Gary Berntsen
Retired CIA Clandestine Service and Air Force; led the “Jawbreaker” team into Afghanistan immediately after 9/11.  Published author and regular commentator.

Commander Eric Berryman
United States Naval Reserve (Ret)
Public Affairs Officer under General Clapper. Virginia

Jessie Jane Duff
Gunnery Sergeant, United States Marine Corps (Ret)
District of Columbia

Captain Frank Brayton Harris
United States Navy (Ret)
Former Assistant to the Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Director of Selective Services System  under Ronald Reagan. Kansas

General P. X. Kelley
Commandant, United States Marine Corps (1980-1984)

Major General Robert Hollinsworth
United States Marine Corps (Ret)

Sergeant Major “Gene” Overstreet
United  States Marine Corps  (Ret)
Twelfth Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps; president of the Non-commissioned Officers Association (and also a small business owner).  Texas

Mrs. Beverly Perlson
Blue Star Mom; founder of “Band of Mothers,”  an organization created to “garner support and respect” for our men and women in uniform.  Illinois

Former Captain Wade Zirkle
United States Marine Corps
Founder and first executive director of Vets for Freedom (and small business owner)

Captain Darin Selnick
United States Air Force (Ret)
Former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs and Director, Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, under President George W. Bush.

Vice Admiral Robert J. “Rocky” Spane
United States Navy (Ret)
Former Commander, Naval Air Forces Pacific